The idea of 3 Day Startup is simple: start a technology company over the course of three days. We rent work space for an entire weekend, recruit 40 students with a wide range of backgrounds, cater food and drinks, invite top-notch entrepreneurs and investors, pick the best few ideas for a tech startup during the Friday brainstorming session, and release minimal prototypes by Sunday night. The goal is to build enough momentum among a network of motivated people to sustain the company beyond the weekend.


Passionate students & young professionals with an entrepreneurial drive, including people from: computer science & engineering (PhD, MS, undergraduate), MBAs, law students, graphic designers, PR, sciences, etc. We are looking for strong candidates that can fill the following roles:
  • Software Engineer
  • Business (Finance, Marketing, Biz Dev)
  • Graphic Design (Web, Print)
  • Advertising, PR
  • Legal
  • Other: Wildcards, Raw Passion


Friday, November 16th, 2012 until Sunday, November 18th, 2012


Day 1 & Day 2 are working & workshop days, taking place at:
Ardent Capital // Dusit Thani Building, 4th Floor // 946 Rama IV Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Final Pitch Day takes place at:
Ardent Capital // Dusit Thani Building, 4th Floor // 946 Rama IV Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


We continually meet tons of talented people, with great ideas; but they never pursue them for a variety of reasons: lack of time or money, no access to the right people, or not enough confidence to make the plunge. Sound familiar?
That is why 3 Day Startup was founded – to provide the platform & all the resources needed for anyone to offer their idea and bring it to life. We gather the top talented 40 young students and professionals, and throw them into an incubator-type environment for a weekend.

We believe 3 Day Startup is a great way to get the community excited about entrepreneurship and to spend an intense weekend with creative people who want to actually bring an idea to life as opposed to sitting back and listening to YATAE (yet another talk about entrepreneurship). It’s also a social and business experiment to see how much a group of passionate people can accomplish over the course of 60 hours. If you’d like to stay in touch and be notified of future events, please connect with us via our contact page.